Olympic swimmer and gold medal bro Ryan Lochte is taking the term "character actor" to a whole new level.  God bless him for getting as much mileage out of his sex symbol broiness and athletic prowess as he possibly can.  He's so much more interesting than Michael Phelps and his lame Subway commercials.  After a guest spot on 90210 and his work covering Fashion Week for GQ and E!, Lochte's next stop will be NBC comedy 30 Rock, where star Tina Fey gave us this incredbile illumination into Lochte's character on the show at last night's Emmys.

"He played—if I may use this term on television—a sex idiot. He was good at it."

Ryan Lochte: Sex Idiot.  I'm picturing a movie series, reality shows, action figures, comic books, and the whole nine yards with this one.  It has franchising gold written all over it. Jeah!

(via E!)

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