Runaway Teleprompter Confuses Broadcaster

Check out this clip from WCJB-TV in Gainesville, Florida. Anchor Chris Price is cutting his tease in front of the camera, and all of a sudden, the teleprompter rolls across the screen. I think Price played it off pretty well, not getting flustered and just kind of laughing about the situation. He didn’t finish his tease though, aside from getting the obligatory Tim Tebow mention in (which is pretty appropriate for a Gainesville station…gotta get Tebow highlights in whenver possible!)

Price is embracing the situation on his Twitter, and doesn’t seem angry or upset about the situation at all. Good for him for being a good sport about the situation and not getting crazy and demanding the video be taken down and never being spoken of again. Most times when there’s a teleprompter problem, it has something to do with the machine malfunctioning and repeating words or not putting them up correctly… not exactly floating across the camera view. That may be a first.

[H/T: NESW Sports]

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