The NFL season kicked off in earnest on Sunday which means countless pun-named fantasy football teams also started their season. Roddy White had a fine game hauling in 6 receptions for 87 yards as the Dirty Birds cruised to a win in their opener on the road against the Chefs Chiefs. Still, Roddy wasn't completely content with his performance and tweeted this about an hour after the final whistle blew at Arrowhead.

roddy white twit

As the star wide receiver on team BrodyQuest this is exactly the attitude I love to hear. Screw the Falcons, his focus needs to be on bringing all the glory to my fake nerd football team. It's a long fake football season for me, and it's great to have some high-character and team first guys on my side.

Really this just highlights the strangeness of being a sports fan these days. Allegiances to fantasy teams in some instances might be greater for some than to their home team. Also, through Twitter we are now able to know every mundane thought a star player has. Being a sports fan sure has gotten wackier as time has gone by.