Hating, fear, and loathing of advanced statistics is no longer exclusive to baseball.  It has now crossed over into the mainstream basketball world!  Rejoice counter-culture enthusiasts!  During last night's preseason Clippers-Nuggets telecast, Kevin Harlan brought up an interesting nugget of information from Basketball Prospectus regarding the Denver Nuggets.  Reggie Miller had this totally reasonable, logical, acceptable response…

"That's one of those lab geek rats that are somewhere with their pocket squares on their little laptop computer punching numbers."

Uhh.. pocket squares?  Lab geek rats?  Reggie Miller just showed you successful purveyors of intelligent, statistically based basketball analysis!  Well played, Reggie.

Miller also went on to blast people who are finding new ways to analyze the game of basketball, saying "Those things don't play basketball games for you, humans play basketball games for you…  Those geeks, I'm telling you, never played a game in their life."

It's obvious what's happening here.  Reggie Miller is fearful one of those "lab geek rats" will either replace him on TNT broadcasts, or invent a computer model that is fully capable of intelligently analyzing a basketball game, thus making his television career completely obsolete.  

(video via Blazer's Edge)

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