One of the great all-time World Series performances was turned in last night in San Francisco.  A performance that will go down in the ages and be remembered for generations and generations to come.  We will tell our grandchildren, who will tell their grandchildren, who will tell their grandchildren about Game 1 of the 2012 World Series because of the heroics of this man.

What, you thought I was talking about Pablo Sandoval?

Of course not!  I'm talking about Tim McCarver!!!

Wednesday night's opening game of the World Series was quintessential McCarver.  His Barry Manilow line will certainly go down in MLB postseason lore, right along his legendary spelling of the word "strike."  But, that is only scratching the surface of McCarver's magic.  These are just a few of the McCarver quotes that flooded our Twitter timeline last night:

"Two fastballs that travelled a combined 190 miles per hour. 95 miles per hour each."

"I just said Pandoval. I combined Sandoval and Panda. I think I should coin that."

"If you can throw strikes that look like balls, and balls that look like strikes, that's the right formula."

"There are very few pitchers that are team oriented."

That last quote got under the skin of at least one Major League pitcher.  Royals pitcher Danny Duffy didn't take too kindly to McCarver's blanket assessment and even retweeted a message proclaiming crazed Royals analyst Rex Hudler as being better than Tim McCarver.  I don't know if even I'm willing to go that far…

And while we're at it and this is Real Tweets from Real People, we have to include some of the best Tim McCarver tweets from last night from around the Twitterverse…

What will Tim McCarver do for an encore in Game 2?  We can only hope the powers that be allow him and Barry Manilow to sing God Bless America together.  I wonder what the San Francisco fans would chant then…

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