We’re still recovering from the Super Bowl and the end of the NFL season, but the world game is in full midseason swing.  Thankfully, that means another weekly dose of Gol TV’s magisterial magician of the microphone, Ray Hudson.  On the weekend, Ray seemed a little more mellow than normal in calling the Barcelona v Real Sociedad tilt, but still went places no other broadcaster would be willing to go…


1-0 Tello (:47)

“Once again we see the genius of Messi.  The pure ego of genius, he doesn’t have any.  There ain’t anything egotistical about him.  He supplies this ball for Tello that is off the charts.  And what a magnificent mother’s touch Tello gives it.  Look at this ball for Leo.  Just level and the sweetest of touches from Tello.  That is absolutely magnificent from the youngster.  The ball is perfect from Lionel Messi.”

Messi chance

“Wonderful play again from the man I was telling you about.  Thiago Alcantara.  Tattoo it on your arms Barcelona fans, he’ll do you proud over the years.”

Alves chance created by Messi

“He’d follow you in a revolving door and he’d still come out first, Messi.”

2-0 Messi (7:35)

“Well, it’s like blasphemy criticizing Lionel Messi because it takes 1,000 Steinways to reproduce one note of his.  Again a magnificent finish, but a beautiful pass to set him up.  This time he doesn’t hesitate.  This time he dispatches with prejudice.  And he saves his eternal thanks as always to his deceased grandma.  Wonderful ball played in, the rub of it.  But there’s no controlling it this time.  Dani Alves sees it, leads it, spins it.  The ball rubs beautifully.  Leo sees his target, the onrushing Bravo and that back post, and he dispatches beautifully.  Finally.”

2-1 Vela (8:45)

“He’s in… wonderful from Vela, nicely supplied by the Frenchman who I was warning you about in the preview, this kid Antoine Griezmann.  And, Victor comes and closes the angle but Vela has got too much space and he’s got Victor at his mercy.  Is it a bad giveaway that leads to it?  Well, it’s a surprising one.  Right here, caught in possession is Thiago Alcantara I believe and then Griezmann quick as Jumpin Jack Flash sets away the Gooner Carlos Vela.”

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