Being a fan of GOLTV’s loquacious soccer analyst Ray Hudson, I had to share this clip of the eccentric Englishman describing the following goal from world player of the year Lionel Messi.  The clip is from Barcelona’s 4-0 win over Real Zaragoza back in November, but just showed up on YouTube.  Watch as Ray is able to turn a rather simple and straight forward Leo goal into a lightning bolt from the gods as only he can…

“Does it the witching way Lionel Messi!  Brilliance on steroids again!!  The run, wonderful.  The finish, impeccable.  Leo ruthless once again.  Wouldn’t give you the smell off his cologne when he’s got the goal in his sights.”

“He would find the needle in the haystack by his sense of smell.”

“When you go back on your fancy machines don’t slow it down.  Just let it right out in front of your eyes and you’ll appreciate it ten times more.  FLASH.”

Of course my favorite line is describing Lionel Messi as “brilliance on steroids.”  Brilliance on steroids.  I can’t believe nobody thought of using that during Barry Bonds’ home run chase…

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