Ray Hudson Announcing Barcelona-Real Madrid Is A Gift From The Gods

Wednesday, Barcleona beat Real Madrid 2-1 in the first leg of their Copa del Rey quarterfinal.  Real took the lead early through Cristiano Ronaldo, but goals from Carlos Puyol and Eric Abidal lifted Barca to yet another win over their rivals for the Spanish throne.  While these two Spanish Cup games may not have the importance in the grand scheme of things that their league fixture will on April 22 or a potential Champions League series, it’s always newsworthy when Barcelona plays Real Madrid.  And it’s always a sunny day in AA country whenever Ray Hudson and Gol TV is there to commentate on it.  Earlier this week, we found Ray describing Barcelona wizard Lionel Messi as “brilliance on steroids.”  Here’s even more British brilliance from Ray Hudson with all three goals from Wednesday’s game…


0-1 Ronaldo…

“That’s got to be down to Pinto, the flyin ponytail here let’s his hair down badly.  A wonderful spank on the run.  He knows the goal posts ain’t movin, man.  Again lovely set away, he’s got space and with that sort of energy and vision he probably wishes this field was twice as long, he’d still get the same result.  Dodgy goalkeeping.”

1-1 Puyol…

“Captain Tarzan comes swinging on his vine again… it’s a great ball driven in from the corner kick and it looks like it’s Pique that’s going to get it, but Captain Tarzan Puyol comes alongside and says, “what if he doesn’t get there?”…  It’s going to be mine, and he gets rewarded for it.  His focus is locked and it’s a dynamic header burrowed in with plenty of knuckles and plenty of meat and potatoes behind it from a man that is the iconic face of Barcelona.”

2-1 Abidal…

“It’s a type of goal for Barcelona fans that causes your soul to bang on your ribcages to get out.  It’s absolutely magisterial!!  The ball from Lionel Messi to set up of all people king Eric Abidal and he is absolutely impeccable with his finish!  This is an astonishing go ahead goal from the LEAST LIKELY of Barca players!  There’s nothing lucky about it, it’s pure genius from Lionel Messi and Eric Abidal is as cool as a killer.  He is onto this like Dracula onto a plate of liver!!”

The second leg of the quarterfinal happens this Sunday.  Let’s hope Ray Hudson will be there too.

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