I have no idea what the cumulative most watched sports weekends are in the calendar year outside of the Super Bowl, although I have a handful of good guesses that typically revolve around some marquee annual events.

While this weekend event doesn't have a signature event, you have to wonder if the sheer quantity of quality games coupled with a wider spread of channels with sports content could lead to a noticeable spike in viewing for a usually potent but not stellar first weekend in October.

On the MLB front, for the first time ever, we have two extra elimination playoff games which will certainly deliver TBS huge ratings on Friday. TBS then has 5 more playoff games across Saturday and Sunday, making this a landmark weekend as the network's sports coverage is few and far between for most of the year.

MLB Network also gets in on the action on Sunday with their first playoff game, which will likely be one of the network's ratings high points all year.

Saturday is also a big day for college football fans with a handful of networks showcasing some compelling matchups, especially in primetime.

Notre Dame vs. Miami on NBC isn't what a most fans are geared up for, but anytime Notre Dame is undefeated in October and playing a solid opponent , it usually equates to a very competitive ratings number compared to networks who are more diversified in their scheduling options.

CBS is also smiling as Florida and LSU bring in perfect records in a top ten matchup that should win their afternoon time slot against all other games.

FOX has its first college football doubleheader with a decent appetizer in Stanford vs. Arizona before a pretty saucy main course of Texas vs. West Virginia with a possible ratings win for the night game slot. FX also rolls out an undefeated Kansas State in a rivalry game barely a year removed from not having any sports on the channel.

ABC has a doubleheader with passionate and sizable audiences in Ohio State and Nebraska facing off, which will certainly bring in a nice ratings number.

ESPN might have the game of the day with a top ten matchup of Georgia vs South Carolina with another top 25 matchup of Oregon vs. Washington later in the evening.

The Pac 12 Network has 2 ranked teams playing on the network (different games) and of course ESPN2, ESPNU, and BTN have their usual menu some second tier games as well.

Like cars making left turns instead of football? Well you're in luck as ESPN has a Chase race on Sunday. 

ESPN's rumored to be closest competitor in the NBC Sports Network has some MLS, a triathlon, and some cycling (stomps foot at NHL Lockout and getting outbid for Pac 12 rights and MLB contract.)

NBC, CBS, Fox, and the RZC have what will be just another huge Sunday on the NFL front.

While other weekends will stick in our memory from 2012 and this weekend can probably be bested with more meaningful games at other points of the year, the sheer amount of channels, teams, and fan bases with meaningful and compelling games on slate this weekend may just be cobbled together as one of the biggest ratings hauls of the sports calendar year. 

I've already preemptively flaked on various tier three social events to accommodate accordingly and wish you all the best of luck in avoiding social entrapment, adult responsibility, sickness, weddings, airport pickups, and urges to see Liam Neeson in theaters and not on SportsCenter.

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