Back in January, ESPN announced the new partnership to replace the excellent Brian Kenny (AA Podcast here by the way) on the radio with the seemingly random team of Mike Hill and Mark Schlereth.  Where Kenny brought a gravitas that is sorely lacking from ESPN Radio to his nightly show, Hill & Schlereth are still in the infancy of their partnership looking to fill mighty big shoes.  

Well, perhaps against my prediction back then for a short shelf life, ESPN is promoting them to one of the juciest events of the year, the NFL Draft.  Yes, the two will be joined by John Clayton, who will be leaned on as the radio hybrid version of Todd McShay and Mel Kiper (just as long as nobody invites Sean Salisbury).  The trio will cover the first two nights of the draft for ESPN Radio.  Here’s their announcement:

The pair replaces Freddie Coleman, who covers the NFL on ESPN Radio on Sundays throughout the season, and NFL analyst Tim Hasselbeck.  It’s interesting to see ESPN push the duo of Schelreth and Hill to such a big event so soon in their partnership.  Of course, ESPN Radio could be in for another major shakeup if Scott Van Pelt leaves for a new network.

Seeing as ESPN is making alterations to their draft coverage on the radio, perhaps there’s still hope that ESPN will finally come to their senses and push out Chris Berman for Trey Wingo on the WWL’s televison coverage.  Although, there’s probably a better chance of me being a guest on the next episode of SchleretHill than that happening.  When full details of ESPN TV and NFL Network’s draft coverage become available, we’ll be sure to pass it along.