When Boston Celtics star point guard Rajon Rondo isn't busy playing all-world defense and dropping more dimes than a kid in a candy store, he thought it would be fun to pick up a regular "9 to 5-er."  He's been a pro NBA basketball player for six years now, but he's starting all over again from the bottom; as an intern at GQ during fashion week.  He'll be getting coffee, carrying suitcases, attending fashion shows, and writing for GQ.com. Rondo could be out clubbing or on vacation at whatever beach it is that rich young men frequent, but instead he's got his nose to the grindstone.  It's not exactly what most people would envision from a celebrity athlete, but nonetheless Rajon is embracing the challenge:

"I love the set-up so far and I’m having fun. I’m still a rookie at this,” said Rondo of his new position. “I’m humble. Anything GQ needs me to do—getting coffee—I’ll do. In my position, I haven’t done things like this in my entire life. It’s fun doing what I do, but it’s nice getting the flipside of that 9 to 5.”

And from the official GQ.com release, here's what they said about having Rajon on with the job:

"We needed a little help, someone to run point back at home base and on the ground floor at Lincoln Center. Who better than NBA All-star—and all around stylish dude—Rajon Rondo? Rajon will be interning at GQ for the next few days, helping our game out and learning a thing or two about menswear and the magazine industry. You'll see interviews, critiques, and blog post from the future hall-of-famer popping up all week."

Well, there aren't many better NBA point guards GQ could have picked for their on court swag and off court sense of style.  Here's hoping he picks up some new, creative headband style tips while he's there.

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