“LIFT THAT BAG OF POTATOES” Growls Kevin Harlan For This Interesting Sequence

In the first quarter Thursday night’s Mavericks-Jazz game, Al Jefferson was fouled by Delonte West.  Of course, if that was all that happened, this clip wouldn’t be worth sharing with you.  Instead, what we have may be an all-time AA classic.  There are several random elements of awesomeness in this clip.  First, Jefferson catches Delonte after using a head fake in the paint like he’s a feather.  Delonte then randomly throws out the Superman pose while on the shoulder of Al Jefferson.  Maybe he picked that up after moving furniture in the offseason.  But it’s the commentary from the notably excited Kevin Harlan that has to be heard to be believed.  

As if Harlan screaming “OH, THAT’S RIGHT!!  LIFT THAT BAG OF POTATOES IF YOU HAVE TO INSIDE!!” wasn’t enough, during the replay he shouts “RIDE ‘EM COWBOY!!” as if there could be no possible innuendo behind that whatsoever.  Clearly, Kevin Harlan had about eighteen cups of coffee, a Red Bull, and a Five Hour Energy before stepping behind the mic tonight.  But I suppose that’s what has always made him one of my favorite announcers.  Time will tell if “LIFT THAT BAG OF POTATOES” takes off like Harlan’s other famous calls…   

H/T Crossover Chronicles