The story of Mike Francesa's "alleged" nap on WFAN is taking many gleeful, entertaining turns.  To get you caught up, last week Francesa appeared to fall asleep during an interview with WFAN's Sweeny Murti.  Instead of laughing it off, Francesa vigorously denied it, and ended up talking about being nominated for an award.  Even though Francesa has tried to move beyond NapGate, his callers aren't taking this lying down.


Watch and listen as three separate prank callers needle Francesa about his napping habits.  One references Sleepy Smurf.  A second opines about NFL Network being a "snoozefest" and athletes with various sleep-related nicknames.  A third compliments the picture below as hilarious and priceless, which it is…  

Francesa reacts in the most Francesa way possible: belittling the caller and bragging about how much money he makes.  He can be so charming.  The fact that the king of New York sports talk radio has made a catnap a multiple day story, and is now battling prank callers on air instead of just enjoying a joke at his own expense, is simply amazing.  Hopefully WFAN can dedicate a half hour of Mike's On solely to prank callers.  This is the most entertaining radio I've heard from Francesa since Dog left.

(video via Bob's Blitz)

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