When you were nine years old, you were most likely playing outside with your friends with no worries at all about a daily job or having responsibilities. It’s a time most of us look back on and treasure with a collective “those were the days” yearning.

But that is not the daily life of nine-year-old PJ Whitaker, who spends his days hosting an hour-long sports talk show on WTAN Radio 1340 AM in Clearwater, Fla.

The self professed pizza and sports lover spends his days preparing for his shows, doing most of the research, booking guests, and even securing sponsors for the show. Yes, securing sponsors in a market where adult radio hosts have trouble even holding down a job.

PJ’s mom Angye Fox said she noticed his talents as early as two years old and told the local ABC station:

“I noticed that he started imitating John Madden,” said Fox. “Then he seemed entranced every time he saw Bob Costas on TV.” 

Station owner Dave Wagenvoord stated he had no clue if the show would work but after three months, he remains convinced he made the right decision.

Even PJ’s classmates didn’t believe him when he said he had his own sports show. That is until his weekly show was uploaded to YouTube and since then, none of the kids doubt him any longer.

While PJ’s early choices for broadcasting idols could use some work, there is no doubt this 9 year old’s work ethic puts us all to shame. Especially considering his show already has intro music, sound cut-aways and his regular guests have nicknames!

Watch one of his shows below:


For more about this sports talk radio wunderkind, check out PJSportsTalk.com.  I know there’s a 10-1 ET timeslot on ESPN Radio where PJ would be a big improvement over the current host.