What do Mary Lou Retton, Chesley "Sully" Sullenberg, Vanilla Ice, and William Hung have in common?

Absolutely nothing.  Nothing that is, except this wretched NFL Network segment about Tim Tebow.

This segment that aired Sunday morning before Week 1's games is so bad, it may even be worse than last year's infamous Kris Jenkins Halloween sketch from The NFL Today.  It may even be worse than anything ESPN has trotted out regarding the Jets backup quarterback, and that's saying something given the 48,329 terrible, tiresome segments ESPN has devoted to Tim Tebow.

First, the segment looks completely out of touch in hindsight given the "Tim Tebow Supernova" consisted of 5 carries for 11 yards and a recovered onside kick in Week 1.  Secondly, Tim Tebow is not an Olympic gold medalist, he did not save lives by landing a plane in a river, nor was he a talentless one hit wonder, and he certainly is not a walking joke who comically sings "She Bangs!"

Seriously, in what parallel universe does "William Hung offers advice to Tim Tebow on celebrity" fit into an NFL pregame show or any realm of evolved human thought.  Tim Tebow was a two-time national champion and a Heisman Trophy winner.  He was asked about his own virginity at SEC media days.  The man does not need to hear from Vanilla Ice on being a cultural phenomenon.

The most troubling thing about this whole segment is some person or group of people sat down and made a conscious decision to put this abomination together.  You're the NFL by God Network!  You're supposed to be the ones that are talking about F-O-O-T-B-A-L-L!  What next, William Hung on the 49ers defense?  Captain Sully on whether or not Eli Manning is an elite QB?  Let's just hope this is rock bottom, because there's nowhere else to go from here but up.

Congrats to NFL Network for making me thankful Time Warner Cable does not carry your channel for the first time ever.  Yeesh.

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