Congratulations to, who has officially equalled the obsessive obnoxiousness of First Take and Skip Bayless when it comes to Tim Tebow.  I didn't think it was possible. Somehow, has delivered with the Tebow Zone.  What is the Tebow Zone you ask?  Well, it's the one place you can go to see all of Tim Tebow's "highlights" from every game this season. No replacement refs are harmed in the videos.

For example, if you want to watch Tebow highlights from Sunday's 23-20 Jets win over the Dolphins… you can see everything! Watch Tim Tebow hand the ball off to Shonn Greene for a one yard gain! Watch Tim Tebow take a direct snap on a fake punt and rush for five yards! Watch Tim Tebow come into the game at 2nd and goal on the two, scramble back to the 12, and end up down at the six! Watch Tim Tebow line up as a wide receiver and get hit in the head with a Mark Sanchez pass! Watch Tebow line up in the backfield, play action fake to Greene, run the option, and pitch to Joe McKnight for a one yard loss!

So to summarize: you can watch all five plays of the game Tebow was involved in, which netted the Jets a total of zero yards. On one hand, it's absolutely ridiculous for the NFL to cater to the Tebow lovers by creating an entire page dedicated to his highlights. This may have made actual sense last year when Tebow was actually providing highlights. Think about it, if any league put together a website solely dedicated to the highlights of a utility player, they'd be universally ridiculed. Imagine MLB having an entire page devoted to Miguel Cairo.

On the other hand, is also providing fans that are sick of Tebow with concise videos of all of his lowlights. This whole situation has us very conflicted. Either way, it's completely laughable.

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