Courtesy of Fang’s Bites and the NFL, we’ve learned today that on the day before the Super Bowl, the NFL is going to be putting on an awards show in Indianapolis on primetime network television. The categories for the event on NBC are about what you’d expect: MVP, Coach of the Year, Offensive and Defensive Players and Rookies of the Year, etc. But there are a couple of categories that seem a little… interesting. Like the “Madden Most Valuable Protectors” award. I assume that’s going to an offensive lineman, recognized alongside higher profile skill position players? “Salute to Service” award? This may be recognizing a player for what I assume would be outstanding efforts in the community… but how is that different from the “Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year” award? Is the Man of the Year award going to now be given to the actual manliest man, like the one who wears the best flannel shirts and chops wood the best?

The NFL isn’t the first league to run an awards show. The MLB had a disastrous Gold Glove awards show on ESPN back in November, and the NHL has their yearly awards ceremony, but here’s the major difference between those two awards shows and the NFL’s: they came after the season ended. The NFL’s show comes before their championship game on national television in primetime. Are you really going to drag participants in the game away from preparing for the biggest game in sports for an AWARDS SHOW? “Hey Aaron, I know you have to figure out how you’re going to pick apart the Ravens secondary, but you need to get your tux on and awkwardly sit around for three hours before getting your MVP award!” The whole idea just seems a little ludicrous to me.

The local choice is pretty amusing to me as well. Do you ever think any major awards show would hold their show in Indianapolis? I know they’re holding it there because the Super Bowl is going to be there the next night, but it just seems like a desperate plea for people to come to Indy. Also, imagine how much more of a crunch this is going to be putting on the city. This just seems like a strange idea from the start.

One thing I forgot to mention: Alec Baldwin of NBC’s 30 Rock will be hosting. You know, the 30 Rock that hasn’t had its season premiere yet this year. Slick!

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