You can't blame Michigan State head coach Mark Dantonio for being a bit curt with the media this week.   (Isn't that a face that just screams happiness and contentedness with life?)  Big Ten title hopefuls Sparty has been strug-g-ling to score points at home the last two weeks.  They were dismantled by Notre Dame's defense on national television two weeks ago and then barely found enough offense to hold off the juggernaut that is Eastern Michigan this past Saturday.  The frustration showed when Dantonio met with the media.

This Dantonio press conference takes a while to get going, but you can slowly see the anger building throughout.  The magic begins at the 1:06 mark when Dantonio takes questions from reporters.  He fires off not one, not two, not three… not four, not five, not six but SEVEN "next questions" like he's a much angrier, more committed Drew Rosenhaus.  Here are some of Dantonio's actual press conference quotes:

Q: How surprising was that lack of emotion considering what happened last week?

A: It was surprising.  Next question.

Q: Coach does your offense need to play better to be effective against Ohio State?

A: Yes.  Next question.

John Tortorella would be so proud.

Give Dantonio this – at least he didn't call Michigan State "Ohio State" or "Illinois State" like John L. Smith did.

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