Most Random Segment Ever: Al Michaels addresses Paulina Gretzky’s racy pictures on… The Talk?

Al Michaels was on The Talk on CBS this past Wednesday. Because if there’s one place you go for your hard-hitting sports interviews, it’s The Talk! I don’t know what the hell The Talk is, but from watching this clip, it looks like a cheap, transparent ripoff of The View with ladies yelling at each other over topics, while a guest awkwardly sits there. The guest in this episode was legendary announcer Al Michaels, and the hosts asked him about Paulina Gretzky and her propensity for posting provocative pictures of herself online

Michaels actually had a witty response to the matter – “apart from running her over with a Zamboni?” and then segued into the rational response of “she’s an adult, there’s nothing I can really do.” Of course, that led to the hosts getting angry about how Gretzky should cut his daughter off, and force her to get a real job, and so on and so forth.

I think it was a little… bizarre for a panel of grown women and an older man to be talking about Paulina’s behavior, especially since Al Michaels isn’t really connected to Paulina Gretzky in any way whatsoever. Of course they’re going to take the standpoint of “WHY IS SHE ACTING LIKE A WHORE??!!?!” but the whole segment is so random. I can’t even think of anything even remotely close to the sports world that could beat it. Oh well, it’s still better sports television than First Take.

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