Television shows featuring wives have become increasingly popular of late. It all started back in the early part of the 21st century with ABC's Desperate Housewives, and then life imitated art with Bravo bringing us the "Real Housewives" of seven different American cities.

Most recently, the wife reality craze hit the sports world with Vh1's Basketball Wives

But the common theme with all of those programs was drama. Jealousy, backstabbing, manicures, and drama. 

Well, another set of wives is getting a television show, and this time the featured significant others hail from the world of professional football. This time, though, you probably shouldn't expect any bitch slaps or kidnappings.

In typical Dairyland fashion, "The Better Half" — which features the wives of several Green Bay Packers players and began airing Friday on Milwaukee Fox affiliate WITI-TV — is expected to "look at family life, charity, cooking, health and wellness, fashion and the latest entertainment news." In other words, it'll be a watered-down, local, football wives version of The View. 

But within that market, it's a pretty interesting idea. The Packers are obviously the biggest non-edible thing Wisconsin has, so why not target female fans every Friday afternoon with the unique perspectives offered up by a quartet of Packerettes? 

The hosts — until someone retires or gets cut or traded — are Betina Driver, Emily Nelson, Courtney Finley and Geeta Bishop. And if they succeed, don't be surprised to see copycat programs in other American cities soon.