To the delight of everyone outside of Durham, North Carolina the Blue Devils went down in thrilling fashion to Florida State on a buzzer beating three by Michael Scarn Snaer. The loss was especially brutal for Duke fans because it snapped their 45-game home winning streak after it looked like Austin Rivers’ late basket would force overtime at Cameron Indoor.

What I enjoyed most about the call is not Mike Patrick’s vanilla “GOT IT” yelp but rather the normally calm Len Elmore being pushed to the brink of passion as he repeatedly yelled “OHHhhhh OHHHhhhhh” over Patrick. That man loves college basketball, literally. The win by the unranked and up-and-down Seminoles was shocking but less so after they demolished North Carolina by over four touchdowns recently. It’s wild that this is the same team that struggled to put up 41 points earlier this season in a loss against Harvard. The loss was Duke’s first of the ACC season and they now share the top spot at 4-1 with the surging Seminoles.