My new favoriteist meme of the last month has been Prank Callers Annoy Mike Francesa.  In fact, it may even top McKayla Maroney Is Not Impressed.  All it needs is a tumblr page.  After NapGate, Francesa faced several prank callers producing this bit of radio that deserves a place in the Smithsonian.  Wednesday, Leo from Flushing told Mike he was unoriginal because "Artie Lange fell asleep on the air years ago."  Leo also uses a favorite Urban Dictionary word that definitely got past WFAN censors and flew straight over Francesa's head.

On this occasion, the king of New York sports talk radio zeroes in on people calling in to promote Artie Lange's show and instructs them to buy a commercial instead of waiting on hold to speak to Francesa.  Nah… prank calls is much better.

(H/T SportsGrid)

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