Mike & The Mad Dog may be the most influential sports talk radio show in the history of the airwaves.  But ever since their split a few years ago, with Chris Russo going to host his own show at Sirius XM and Francesa sticking with WFAN in New York, they’ve been unable to recreate the same mojo.  Russo’s raving lunatic rants aren’t the same without the calming influence of Francesa and Francesa’s arrogance and curmudgeonliness are more grating without the laughter of Russo.  This is a situation where the sum is truly greater than the individual parts.

So when the two met up at the Super Bowl in Indianapolis on Tuesday, it was like seeing Dean Martin come back to life and immediately start trading jokes with Jerry Lewis.  These two look and sound so excited to be with each other that it may create whispers about a possible full reunion of Mike & The Mad Dog.  Seriously, they haven’t missed a beat in doing radio together.  Don’t get your hopes up though – Francesa said earlier this year, “there’s a better chance that the Mets win the pennant” when talking about a permanent reunion with Russo.  So it looks like fans of Mike & The Mad Dog and great sports radio will have to settle for these few minutes and wistfully reflect on what once was.   

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