Michelle Beadle falls victim to April fools shenanigans

beadle green

April fools day is the day that assholery is celebrated. If it were possible to funnel the serious amounts of critical thinking that so many put into their April fools day pranks into solving some of the planet’s dire issues I’d be confident many illnesses would be a thing of the past and we’d all be gliding around on our hoverboards today.

Unfortunately for Michelle Beadle, some of her producers at ESPN decided to play a prank on her for April fools day… and they got her good. Check out this clip they put up on Youtube for everyone to enjoy…

At ESPN they must make their on-air talent do some wacky things very often. I mean, she hardly hesitated when the producer told her the premise of the bit was that she was going to wear one of those green screen suits and pretend to be a fighter jet. It’s nice that Beadle has a sense of humor about the entire thing. She vows revenge and we can only hope that somehow Cowherd is the target.