90% of women with a pulse either has already or most likely will be seeing the male stripper movie known as Magic Mike in the coming days, but it was a former football player turned announcer that ended up giving the ladies a show on live television earlier this week.

His name? Michael Strahan.

During one of the many promotional tours for the highly anticipated movie, the star Channing Tatum stopped in at Live with Kelly where her guest co-host of the day was Strahan.

During the interview with everyone’s current heartthrob, Michael Strahan got a little jealous of all the attention of the movie calling himself “the first Magic Mike” and proceeded to rip off his pants and start dry humping the ground while stripper music(?) plays in the background.

It didn’t stop there.

Strahan continues to dance by getting up off the floor and heading straight to Kelly to do a little booty shakin’ then makes a failed attempt to take a split to the ground.

It was said Kelly and Channing had no knowledge prior of Strahan’s dance but both were good sports as after the initial look of shock subsided, Kelly joined in dancing with Strahan while Channing clapped, cheered and being the true businessman he is, asked the audience for dollar bills to hand off to Strahan.

All in all it was a hell of a surprise by Strahan and huge props should be given to Kelly and Channing for going along with it. I doubt some of Kelly’s other past sports co-hosts would have received the same response Strahan got, or been willing to do a striptease on national television.

Watch the video below to see Strahan strip for Kelly Ripa and Channing Tatum…