Metta World Peace has certainly been on a roll recently.  There was his Ron Artest relapse at the end of the regular season that led him to clock James Harden with a vicious elbow.  Then there was his debut as “Metta Man” a superhero who flew on a skateboard and flung curling rocks among other bizarre attributes.  Then, poor Mr. Peace got Labor Day confused with Memorial Day, but then again, who among us hasn’t mixed up their holidays?  Aren’t you embarrassed when you try to carve the Thanksgiving pumpkin or set out milk and cookies for the Easter Bunny to come down the chimney?

But, this news…. this new venture by Metta World Peace might take the cake.  This summer, Peace is set to debut in a made for TV movie on the Lifetime Movie Network.  And shockingly, this time the scary looking guy isn’t the villain on a Lifetime movie, at least, not this particular guy!  No, Artest is set to play a detective in a movie based on a novel by Headline News anchor/author Nancy Grace.  TV Guide has the details:

Peace will make his acting debut in a movie adaptation of Nancy Grace‘s first novel, The Eleventh Victim, set to premiere in the fall on Lifetime Movie Network.  Peace will set down his basketball to play Garlan Fincher, a Georgia detective who works very closely with Atlanta Assistant District Attorney Hailey Dean, played by Beverly Hills, 90210vet Jennie Garth.

Apparently, according to TV Guide’s William Keck, Grace and World Peace became fast friends on Dancing With the Stars, where many low-level Hollywood types seem to find themselves these days. Seriously though, World Peace’s role doesn’t seem to be just a cameo.  Hopefully MWP’s acting chops are slightly better than his rapping skills.  If this works out for MWP maybe he can branch out to other high-quality cable TV movies.  I hear there’s a sequel to Jersey Shore Shark Attack already in the works.

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