On Monday's edition of The MMA Hour hosted by veteran MMA journalist Ariel Helwani, he had an in-studio guest to kick of the show: Jason "Mayhem" Miller, fresh off of an arrest for vandalism after breaking into a church (while naked) and destroying the place. Miller's interview with Helwani was ridiculously bizarre, and a huge cause for concern.

Immediately upon the beginning of the interview, Miller claimed his name was Lucky Patrick, promoting the upcoming MMA movie "Here Comes the Boom" starring Kevin James in which Miller has a part. Miller then claimed that he wrote, directed, and produced the film. His behavior got increasingly erratic during the interview, often yelling at Helwani while refusing to break character. Helwani attempted to get Miller out of character, but failed numerous times.

The interview reached a head near the end, when Miller started screaming at both Helwani and the production staff of The MMA Hour, eventually walking off set and having Helwani chase him down the streets of New York. Hours after the show, Miller tweeted at Helwani (as Patrick, of course) and continued to essentially troll him for no reason.

This is very, very frightening. After a short break, Helwani came back with a heartfelt statement about what Miller means to him as a person, and how he wasn't privy to Miller's actions going into the interview. Miller has always been a very unique, outspoken fighter, In Japan, he's had entrances to the ring accompanied by dancing girls. He was the instigator of a massive brawl at a Strikeforce show that led to Showtime nearly dropping MMA (and led to Gus Johnson busting out the most ignorant quote of his career). He starred on both MTV's Bully Beatdown and Spike's final season of The Ultimate Fighter (before the UFC's deal with Fox began), and his fight at the finale of that Ultimate Fighter season was nearly enough for him to get released by the UFC.  Here's the entire interview…

Miller needs some help, and thankfully, he retired from fighting after a loss to CB Dollaway back in May. He's clearly a talented and charismatic fighter outside of the cage and hopefully he'll get the help he needs. 

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