During Wednesday’s Rangers-Mariners game, David Murphy of the Rangers fouled one back behind the plate, right into the Mariners TV booth. Former Mariners player Mike Blowers proceeded to attempt to make a play on the pop-up, and see it bounce off of his hands and fall into the crowd below. It was a relatively easy play for Blowers to make too, but he just botched it. Blowers is a ten year major league veteran, with six of those seasons coming in Seattle. He played a total of six positions, including an inning each behind the plate at catcher and at shortstop. He was primarily a third baseman, and not good with his hands, making 85 career errors in 616 career games at third.

But ignoring Blowers’ botched catch for a moment, how about the reaction from his commentary partner Dave Sims? He moved out of the way (while wearing a swank fedora and sweater vest combination) and allowed Blowers to make the play, then called him out after his drop. The action in the booth is probably more entertaining than the baseball on the field, with the Mariners hanging out in last place in the AL West with the third worst record in the American League.

[h/t: Holdout Sports]

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