Sometimes I wonder what some of the wildest moments in the history of sports would have been like had Twitter been around. Like when the Stanford band was on the field or when Big Papi went deep in the ALCS, for example. Monday night's unbelievable/outrageous ending the the Packers-Seahawks game was made so much better by the comedic gold that hit Twitter and other social media realms in the hours that followed Seattle's controversial victory

A lot of that's been covered, but we also had an old-fashioned moment of quality mockery that came via local NBC affiliate WGBA-TV, Green Bay's news leader (I don't know if that last part is true but it felt right).

The morning after the terrible call heard 'round the sports world, "NBC 26 Today" installed a replacement weather guy who had the local temperature fluctuating by 546 degrees within a five-hour stretch. 

They say laughter is the best medicine, so I hope this segment at least helped some of the good people of Green Bay get over Monday night's train-wreck finish.

(Hat tip: Hot Clicks)