Live TV claims another victim in this hilarious sportscaster blooper

Erie Pennslyvania sportscaster Craig Smylie became Craig SWEARY when he TV-14′d up a live spot on the news. Wait, did I just type Craig Sweary? That was just awful. Let’s start this post over. Ready? In 3, 2, 1…

Craig Smylie just wanted to give a quick tease on the WJET news about the powerhouse program that Stan Swank and the Fighting Scots have built at Edinboro University. Instead, this hilarious screw up of his has been bouncing around the web like a beachball at a Nickelback concert. I absolutely love how it seems like he’s doing decently and then all of a sudden boom goes the dynamite and he’s swearing and asking to run it back.

I’m still not sure if someone just put the wrong tape in from Smylie recording this segment earlier or if he really just didn’t know he was live. Ultimately it doesn’t matter because the bottom line is that the DVR and Youtube has caught another gem. Sorry Smylie, it looks like you’re destined to join the grape stomp lady and the keep f’n that chicken guy as clips the internet will not soon forget.

[Busted Coverage]