Eisen 40 yard

This will be no surprise to anyone, but we in America love our football. No event hammers this fact home more than the completely bananas coverage of the NFL Combine. The Combine is an event where tenths of a second can sometimes overshadow four years of on the field tape, it’s wild to say the least. Anyways, over the last three days the NFL Network has had 30 hours (!) of Combine coverage from Indianapolis. That’s 30 hours of cone drills, bench presses and players running around in spandex, which I’m sure still had a significant audience tuning in during this sports packed weekend.

Critical analysis of football players seemingly doing things you’ll never see on a football field sans football equipment seems pretty insignificant to me, but then again I don’t own a football team. For me, far and away the thing I look forward to most during the NFL Combine is when the NFL Network’s Rich Eisen annually takes to the track to run a 40-yard dash. Here’s how he did this year.

The amount of scrutiny and technology they devote to dissecting Eisen’s run afterwards which you can see here is the best. Everytime they show Eisen going head-to-head in a full suit against the guys who ran the fastest in the Combine will always make me laugh.

You gotta give credit to Eisen, trimming .74 seconds off his 40-yard dash time over an eight year period is pretty impressive.