At the top of the 10 AM ET SportsCenter, this was the rundown of stories after the Tigers swept the Yankees 4-0 with their Game 4 victory.  Let's see, that's 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Yankees stories and 1… 1… just 1 Tigers story.  It's so hard to believe ESPN would focus on the dramatic fall of the New York Yankees and the controversy swirling around Alex Rodriguez instead of the Detroit Tigers making the World Series behind the first Triple Crown Winner since 1967 and one of the best pitchers of our generation.  Crazy!  I know!

It's a stunner to be quite honest.  Who would have thought ESPN would interview Buster Olnely almost entirely about the Yankees and also drag Screamin' A. Smith onto SportsCenter for a detailed Yankees postmortem and choose to largely ignore the winners of the American League pennant?

When the 11 AM ET SportsCenter rolled around, I actually timed the amount of Yankees and Tigers coverage after the Game 4 highlights (which were centered on struggling Yankees sluggers).  Total coverage:

Tigers – 2 minutes, 10 seconds
Yankees – 10 minutes, 50 seconds

In a nutshell, this is SportsCenter in 2012.  Five times as much Yankees coverage as Tigers coverage.  If Kate Upton's presence can't draw ESPN's short attention span from New York to Detroit, nothing ever will.  Except if Tebow or LeBron played center field for the Tigers of course.

*throws hands into the air*

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