Everyone’s familiar with photobombing, but “makeup-bombing” might be a better way to describe what Lakers’ radio play-by-play man John Ireland was caught doing [warning: NSFW language at both links] at halftime of the television broadcast of L.A.’s Feb. 12 win over Toronto. Take a look for yourself:


The best part is Ireland’s look of terror at 0:25 when he realizes he’s been seen on camera. Why is a radio guy using makeup, you might ask? Well, it’s not just that Ireland wants to look good for his listeners (although that would be much funnier); he also works as a sportscaster for KCAL-9, the station doing the television broadcasts of Lakers’ games, so he presumably was preparing for something post-game. He picked a bad time, though; if there’s a likely time for television shots of the announcers (and by extension, everyone behind them), halftime’s up there. Ireland hasn’t yet commented on the incident on his Twitter feed, but I’m sure plenty of people will be eagerly watching in anticipation. Regardless of if he says anything about it, though, I wouldn’t be surprised if Ireland decides to apply his makeup out of range of TV cameras in the future. 

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