Here are a couple videos from the NHL All-Star Weekend of Joey the Junior Reporter. Joey rose to prominence back in November by interviewing some Chicago Blackhawks players, and now, he’s back in the spotlight on a much bigger stage.

In this first video, Joey trolls a Toronto Maple Leafs fan, and a Philadelphia Flyers fan.

Ouch. Cold. You don’t really expect that from a child, but these things happen sometimes. I wonder if he was fed those lines, or if he came up with them on his own.

Next up, Joey hits on NHL reporter Heidi Androl.

Well done Joey, well done. You just achieved what many men four or five times your age wish they could accomplish: back an attractive sports reporter into a corner with a leading question that she can’t say no to, otherwise she’ll look like a heartless wench.

The NHL All-Star game takes place Sunday at 4 PM on the NBC Sports Network

[h/t: Puck Daddy]

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