John Anderson Thinks Brett Favre Is “Squeezing One Off”

In this SportsCenter Not Top 10 clip, anchor John Anderson looks back at the 2008 NFC Championship Game and says that Brett Favre “squeezes one off” as Favre throws a pick in OT of a game that the New York Giants would go on to win over Favre’s Green Bay Packers. When thinking of “squeezing one off,” I don’t think of throwing an interception with minimal pressure towards the quarterback in the pocket. If Favre was getting bum rushed and he barely got the pass off, I could understand the phrase in that situation. But in this case, Favre wasn’t even hit on the play. With what would happen with Favre just a couple of years later as a Jet (hello, explicit text messages!), the verbiage seems pretty funny in hindsight. I think Anderson explicitly went down that route, just because of what’s happened with Favre in recent years…

[H/T: Ride the Pine]

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