Fox’s Joe Buck is once again taking a venture outside the broadcast booth.  The play by play man is notable for his enormous flop that was Joe Buck Live in his attempt to cross over into late night television.  Buck’s newest venture seems to be a bit better fit for the sportscaster – hosting a radio show in his native St. Louis.  Joe Buck will be on from 1-3 CT this week co-hosting a show with current host Tim McKernan.  In news that may cause you to have Artie Lange flashbacks, the show will mix sports, entertainment, and anything in between.  Here’s the details from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

After the trial period, the idea is to point the show toward a podcast, perhaps three times a week. A longer term possibility is radio syndication, and Buck is eager for the new venture.

“I want to do it with nobody overseeing it and being my own boss with Tim,” Buck said. “It’s going to be measured on who wants to hear it. I’m excited to see where it goes. It’s not going to be hard-core sports, and it’s certainly not going to be hard-core entertainment. It’s going to be something in the middle.’’

And if a podcast materializes, perhaps three times a week, there is a lot of flexibility in scheduling for that.

“The beauty of doing it with Tim is that if there is a time I’m not available to do it or am not up for doing it, he can carry it,’’ Buck said. “I built a studio in my house, so there are ways I can do interviews from my basement whenever it works for whoever the guest may be and I can feed that in. Not that the world needs another podcast, but I’m excited to get on there and just talk freely with whoever we have on.’’

Interestingly, Buck also decries his Joe Buck Live experience later in the article saying that he never got to show his personality there and it was a bad fit for both him and HBO.  The Joe Buck Podcast looks like a certainty at this point… why else would you build a studio in your own house?  That’s not like putting a pool or a putting green in your backyard for your own leisure.  For what it’s worth, the radio show is another medium for more people to see more of Joe Buck’s actually existant personality.  Ever since he joined Twitter and began interacting with followers, Buck has turned over a new leaf with many fans.  His work in the NFL Playoffs was widely praised as enthusiastic and excitable.  While it’s not likely the local radio show in St. Louis will resonate with fans nationwide, a podcast in the vein of Rich Eisen very likely will.  

One element that may raise eyebrows is the entertainment/sports mix.  The first guest list for today’s show proves just that with Jared Allen, Charlie Sheen, and Howie Long scheduled to appear.  Yes, evidently people are still interested in hearing what Charlie Sheen has to say.  Everyone from Kate Upton to Michael Strahan to Paul Rudd are also mentioned as future guests.  Basically, Joe Buck is launching the radio show/podcast version of Grantland.  I can’t wait till he spends a whole episode on The Wire.

(via stltoday)

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