It's not often we cross over into the world of sports entertainment, but one of the scarier things to ever happen on live television occurred on WWE's Monday Night Raw.  WWE Hall of Famer Jerry "The King" Lawler collapsed during a tag team match at the announce table just after 10 PM ET.  With the match continuing in the ring, Lawler was rushed from ringside and taken to a local Montreal hospital.  The ringside crowd could be seen looking towards the announcers' table and Lawler could even be seen hunched over at the table from a ringside camera.

Lawler's partner in the booth, Michael Cole, told viewers of the episode minutes later after the match's conclusion and assured the audience it wasn't part of the entertainment for the evening.  While Raw continued with scheduled programming for the final hour, it did so without announcers.  After updates throughout the final hour, Cole told viewers that Lawler's condition had stabilized at the end of the program.  Later in the evening, we received a tweet from a WWE producer that Lawler had indeed suffered a heart attack.  Other outlets have begun to report this news as well.

Lawler is a WWE legend for his time in the ring and in the broadcast booth and thoughts and prayers are with him for a full recovery and return.

UPDATE: WWE has confirmed Lawler suffered a heart attack in Montreal.

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