You’ll have to forgive my young, shaky hands and backwoods 2008 technology for the following video, but I just had to record this First Take debate for posterity.  Yes, the ratings for First Take are plummeting post-Tebow (as we expected) as most sensible people discover the one-trick-ponyness of the show and its central provocateur, Skip Bayless.  While it’s becoming easier and easier to ignore Skip crying wolf in this post-Tebow world, this was one debate topic we couldn’t ignore because of its insanity. God bless Skip, Stephen A. Smith, and Jay Crawford for trying to squeeze every possible decimal of ratings points and relevance out of Tim Tebow and trying like mad to tie him to Jeremy Lin.

You have to give this show credit for going where no other sports show will go if anything else.  Today, Skip and Stephen A. entered into a mind-numbing debate – Who is under more pressure to win, Tim Tebow or Jeremy Lin?  Considering Tim Tebow won’t play another competitive game for over six months, the relativeness of this question is akin to asking who their favorite is in the Russian presidential race.  Don’t worry, the debate about Lin and Tebow quickly spirals out of control into whether Skippy or Stephen A. has the bigger ego.  Seriously.  Just watch Skip Bayless leap out of his chair.  This is becoming so close to the latter stages of the movie Network it’s getting scary.  Here’s the video if you dare to watch the segment and the “highlights” below…


1) Tim Tebow is under more pressure to win games because of Skip Bayless, and Skip Bayless alone.
2) SAS insinuates Tim Tebow going to California to better his game is selfish.
3) Tim Tebow has embraced TebowMania according to Stephen A.
4) Skip Bayless starts to crazily shout towards off-camera staff about Stephen A’s ego.
5) Stephen A. claims Skip has “bragged about his hairdo.”
6) Skip Bayless claims Stephen A’s mother loves him more than her son.
7) All three men argue about who indeed has the bigger ego.
8) Skip Bayless asks, “do we have to answer this question?”
9) Stephen A. Smith claims Tim Tebow “deserves to be rooted against.”
10) Skip Bayless cites an ESPN statistic to promote Tim Tebow’s excellent QB play.
11) Earth starts careening into deep space.

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