There might be no one easier on ESPN to parody than Stephen A. Smith. He has that patented style that combines extreme exasperation with extreme yelling for basically no good rhyme or reason. SAS’s diabolical combination with Skip Bayless in the faux sports debate style show First Take on ESPN2 might just be the worst sports programming that has ever existed.

Like I said, taking shots at Stephen A. Smith might seem almost too easy… HOWEVAHHH, this impression that got axed from the live show on last night’s season finale of Saturday Night Live is just too hilarious not to be shared.  Here’s Jay Pharoah as Stephen A. Smith offering sage advice to the Miami Heat.

Jay Pharoah is absolutely fantastic with his impressions and his Stephen A. Smith is no exception. He absolutely nails the cadence of SAS’s voice and his on the air mannerisms. It’s also hysterical how he parodies how Stephen A. Smith often prefaces his comments with anecdotes about his personal relationships with the athletes he is supposed to be critical of.

Game four of the Miami/Indiana series is this afternoon. I guess we’ll see then if “LiBRAWNNN” and the Heat take heed of Stephen A’s advice from SNL.