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Jay Bilas is definitely one of the more entertaining people to follow on twitter. The 48-year old Duke alum starts each morning off with a Young Jeezy lyric followed by “I gotta go to work” and for the rest of the day mixes his time on twitter between consistently calling out the hypocrisy of the NCAA and giving pretty solid analysis of NCAA basketball.  Here’s a sampling of what you’ll get from Bilas.

bilas response

Anyways, Bilas is concluding his “gotta go to work tour” by taking in a snoozer at Rupp between Georgia and Kentucky. During a timeout a VERY important question was asked to Bilas, “What artist should Jay use in tweets after he runs out of Young Jeezy lyrics?” That’s a toughie. Here’s video of Bilas, Hubert Davis and Rece Davis debating this subject.

I gotta say there’s a lot going here. On one hand we have Rece Davis reciting Meek Mill lyrics and then of course we have Hubert Davis being moved by the beauty of Taylor Swift lyrics. But, by far the most shocking part is Bilas mistakently attributing “I’m not a businessman, I’m a business, man” to Kanye instead of Jay-Z. C’mon, Jay.

Bilas is able to redeem himself though by ultimately dismissing the question very matter-of-factly by stating that “Jeezy is never going to run out of lyrics.” He then firmly reestablishes his swag by telling us about some of the rough times he experienced in the mean streets of Rolling Hills, California. That story about the stolen loafers will just tug at your heart.