Jared Dudley of the NBA’s Phoenix Suns tries his hand at being a sports broadcaster on a new espisode of “Out of My League” on YouTube.  We all know that he can ball in the Association, but does he have what it takes for a post-NBA career?  That’s up for you to decide after watching this clip.  I suppose it is impressive that he can commentate his own badminton matchup against grade school children, but I’m not sure how that will translate into an actual basketball or announcing career…

Jared Dudley’s British accent could probably use some work before going “big time.”  And while the short clip is decently funny and amusing (come on, you can’t hate on Dudley!); I would venture to say that he probably shouldn’t quit his day job as a professional basketball player anytime soon.  Although, I hear the ESPN NBA studio could use a couple more talented announcers to read highlights and Dudley is already better than Magic Johnson.

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