Few teams can lay an egg as massive as the Orlando Magic.  They turned in a Bobcats-esque performance last night at Madison Square Garden as they were embarrassed by the New York Knicks, who were without Amare Stoudemire and Jeremy Lin.  The Knicks won 108-86, but led by as many as 39 points late in the third quarter.  The highlights for the Magic were Glenn “Big Baby” Davis’ swan dive into the MSG stands and the video below.  I’m not sure what Jameer Nelson is thinking on this play, which is one of the worst passes you will ever see in an NBA game, but he fires a crosscourt pass straight for ESPN analyst Jeff Van Gundy.  I could understand if Mark Jackson was still sitting at the table given his NBA pedigree, but Nazareth College isn’t exactly the same thing.  Then again, with the way Orlando played last night, it would have been nice to see Van Gundy take the floor for the Magic.  It would have to go better than the last time


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