Pop quiz: Who leads MLB in saves right now? I could have also asked who is the closer for the Indians but we gave that away in the article title.

I am guessing Chris Perez has flown under the radar to many sports fans and our readers. A quick crash course in all things Chris Perez should include that he was an All Star last year, 4th in saves in 2011, and was the guy who called out Cleveland fans for not coming out to see the Indians when they were in first place. But after today, I think Perez’s name might ring out with a bit more staying power as he’s now the guy who yacks when he pitches. Apparently this isn’t the first time either. Below is the video, at least until the stodgy, new media gestapo at MLB has a stroke and calls YouTube crying.


I guess credit to the Indians booth for just continuing on with the game recap. Personally, something like a person puking is usually a “stop what you’re doing” type of event, but these are real professionals here. If you’re curious, Perez threw only 15 pitches and the temperature was about 90 degrees when this occurred, so who knows exactly what led to this memorable moment. 

With the Indians still in contention and Perez now adding more excitement at the ballpark, I’d hope the Indians attendance problems for this year are behind them now.

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