During Saturday’s Nationwide race at Daytona, a car will be sponsored by the popular HBO sports comedy Eastbound & Down

The #50 car, driven by TJ Bell of the Make Motorsports team, will be painted as shown above, featuring the show’s logo, the face of its star character, Kenny Powers, and also a purple and leopard-print color scheme, patterning itself after Powers’ jetski. A statement in the official press release from Powers’ character is also very funny.

“The name and likeness of Kenny Powers have long been associated with victory and success,” said Powers. “It’s pretty obvious why somebody would want to put a giant picture of my face on a tastefully decorated stock car. Best of luck to our driver, T.J. Bell. If he doesn’t win first place at Daytona, they must not have made that picture of my face big enough.”

Say what you want to say about NASCAR, but a cult favorite show among sports fans sponsoring a car can only bring new eyeballs to the sport. Just look what Kenny Powers did for K-Swiss. I’m wondering though, if Bell is involved in a wreck that knocks a competitor out of the race, will he start shouting Powers’ famous line of “YOU’RE F—ING OUT!” at the other driver?

Bell has qualified 39th for the race on Saturda which works well as Kenny Powers as we know him, never was a front-runner. 

Here’s even more photos of the #50 car with the Eastbound & Down Kenny Powers paintjob.


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