Let’s hope this story has a happy ending soon, but for now if you’re in the Kansas City area, there is a social media APB out for George Brett’s dog, Charlie. With under a month of Twitter experience and only a dozen or so tweets up until today, Brett’s concern for his missing dog quickly spiraled into the new trending rally cry of #FindCharlie.

Brett kicked off the crowd-sourced search by tweeting out details of where and when he went missing, linking to a picture of the missing dog, teasing a reward, and also sharing the fact that Charlie is scared of the rain, further complicating the search as it’s currently storming like crazy in KC. The search kicked into overdrive when Brett decided to flex his new-found twitter prowess by campaigning for #FindCharlie to become a trending topic on Twitter.

With over 10,000 followers, presumably a lot of them local, Brett was making progress as many replied with some input or advice on best practices in dog recovery. Still though with no results, Brett called in the big dogs by tweeting out for reinforcements in the search for Charlie to various media members. 

Some reacted that this seemed like a hack job or a prank but the former Royals star has also retweeted similar tweets calling for help from members of his family.

With Peter King spreading the word among many others, #FindCharlie is now trending in many areas which hopefully helps Brett and Charlie reunite. I’m sure many can recall the level of panic involved with trying to find a missing pet and you have to admit the pair does look quite cozy together above.

If you’re not local to Kansas City (I’m confident that 99% of Peter King’s 800K followers are not) and can’t help out with the search, here are some funny related topics to keep you busy as the search continues.

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If by chance you are in the neighborhood and are interested in a reward and potentially an epic story, get out there and join the cause. In addition to a reward, I’m sure Brett’s status as ambassador to this year’s All Star Game could likely net you some solid perks at the Summer Classic. Wait wasn’t this similar to a plot in The Fan? Hmmmm.

UPDATE: As of 9:30 this morning, Charlie has returned safely home.

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