Florida State’s women’s basketball team beat NC State on the road Friday night 67-64 thanks to a three pointer from Leo Rodriguez with just seconds left.  While the game winner from Rodriguez is impressive, the call of Ryan Pensy of the Seminole IMG Sports Network raises eyebrows.  If someone on your team just nailed a clutch three pointer to win a road game in the ACC, would your mind immediately go to a barely passable Jersey Shore pun?

“The Noles escape NC State with a win!  Oh my goodness, go get J-Woww and Snooki, we got a Situation here as the Noles win 67 to 64 over the NC State Wolfpack!”

Oy…  As a regular Jersey Shore watcher and fan of common sense and decent puneology, this call leaves much to be desired.  First of all, Mike is currently involved with Paula, not J-Woww or Snooki.  In fact, Snickers and Sitch have been at odds ever since they may or may not have hooked up before departing for Italy.  At least the announcer didn’t say “go get Deena,” that would have just been sad.  Honestly though, only Mike himself should ever be able to say “we got a Situation here” and even that was old and tired after about midway through the second episode. 

I’m all for entertainment and breaking new ground in announcing though, so the effort is appreciated.  Jersey Shore quotes are such an embarrassment of riches, even if only about 12% of them are actually usable during a broadcast.  I’d rather hear an announcer scream, “CABS ARE HERE!!!  CABSAREHERE!!! CABZUHE!!!” after a huge road win.  Why not stand up and taunt the opposing fans by screaming “COME AT ME BRO!!!” or finding a cement wall to bang your head into?  

Hopefully this is the start of announcers across the nation embracing the cultural impact of Jersey Shore and working it into telecasts.  I would die a happy man if Jim Nantz would yell “it’s TEEE SHIIIRRTT time” just once.  Too bad Matt Howard graduated last year…

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