Frank Caliendo left Fox NFL Sunday after almost a decade of doing skits and game picks but is making a return to the NFL by joining a new pregame show – ESPN's Sunday NFL Countdown.  Who else but Adam Schefter relayed the news via Twitter Thursday morning:

All you fans of Frank TV… what are there, eight of you… will surely rejoice at the news.  Although the whole pregame comedy routine is passe at this point, Caliendo's act didn't bother me as much as it did others.  Some of his impressions are legitimately funny, but there's only so long he could make fun of Terry Bradshaw and have it stay amusing and relevant.  Hopefully by joining Countdown, Caliendo will have a chance to freshen up his act, although he'll appear once again in taped comedy segments.  Whatever the case, you can't say this is an innovative hire by ESPN in recycling what Fox has done for many years.

If there is a positive in all of this, there's now ample opportunities to mock Chris Berman… or replace Chris Berman.  Either one is fine by us.

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