Sunday’s violent Flyers-Penguins Stanley Cup playoff game resulted in a lot of vicious reactions from all across the internet, with Penguins fans throwing racist insults towards Wayne Simmonds of the Flyers, Flyers fans complaining about the Penguins being dirty whiners, and the mainstream media freaking out about every Sidney Crosby stereotype coming true in one series.

Former Flyers player Chris Therien, now one of the team’s radio announcers, had some none too pleasant things to say about Crosby. Crossing Broad has both the audio and the transcript.

“You know what, Crosby is the one who started that thing. What is to say someone can’t just punch his lights right out? Concussion or no concussion. Punch him in the face as hard as you can. He went after Timonen, so you drop a bomb right at his beak, and you let him know, “I don’t care about your head, kid, if you’re going to pull this stuff in our house.” He’s going to whine all night and cry all night for penalties, yet he goes after Kimmo Timonen.”

Wow. Therien doesn’t pull back on any punches, and goes after Crosby with some absolute venom that really isn’t surprising coming from a Philly guy. It’s pretty jarring to hear this on a radio broadcast during the play by play of the game, though.

But Therien wasn’t done!

“What is Crosby doing with Hartnell?! Crosby is an absolute joke right now.”

“This is Crosby’s fault! It’s a joke! The whole thing is Crosby’s fault.”

“Look at Crosby and Schenn. Come on Sidney, drop the gloves. Don’t hide behind the linesman. Why’s Crosby…. Crosby is giving it to Schenn behind the linesman. Get out in the open and drop your gloves. Go! Go ahead Schenner, take him.”

“He has caused more teammates and opposition to fight because of him today than I’ve ever seen one player in my NHL career, the history I’ve been involved in this league.”

“They should put one of those little nuks in his mouth. What do you call those things there? Those little baby soothers.”

Tim Saunders:

“In my day we called them nipples.”

I have to admit, Therien’s comments are hilarious. But all they’re going to do is throw some more gasoline onto an already blazing fire. Flyers fans are going to want blood in Wednesday’s game with the Penguins, and if Crosby keeps up his antics from Sunday, one of the Flyers players could bring back memories of Eric Lindros with a hit on him.

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