Forget the NFL, forget the MLB Playoffs, forget college football or any other game you watched this weekend.  The coolest event that happened in the world… and the solar system for that matter… was Austrian Felix Baumgartner going where no human being had gone before.  He jumped out of a capsule a mere 128,000 feet (or roughly 24 miles) above the earth, also reaching record speeds of over 800 miles per hour.  And to think I can barely climb a ladder without shaking uncontrollably.  If you were one of the record 8 million people who watched it live on Youtube or elsewhere, it'll stand as one of the most awesome things you'll ever seen.

Thankfully, Baumgartner's epic leap for all mankind has been properly preserved for history's sake… through Legos.  The brilliant use of Legos to capture human events first came to my attention for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa thanks to The Guardian.  The Lego reenactment of Baumgartner's jump is likewise just too perfect not to share…

Come to think of it, the vision from Baumgartner's helmet cam is pretty cool too…

Let this sink in – we saw a guy successfully jump from space and stick the landing back on earth.  Hurrah for science, woo!

(H/T LA Times)

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