Last month we told you about ESPN's plans for a trendy, edgy new show with lots of zazz that promised to "push the envelope."  Unite, airing on ESPNU, was promoted as Bristol's first foray into late night television featuring an eccelctic mix of sports, pop culture, and social media.  We're talking Twitter, Skype, comedy, couches, sports, bands, guests off couches, and general in-your-faceness that seems destined to be a gruesome potpourri of epic proportions.

The show debuts August 27th and ESPN has finally announced the fearless individuals that will spearhead this venture into the unknown.  

They are Marianela Pereyra (NBC's Poker After Dark and ESPNU's Road Trip), former NFL QB and ESPN college football analyst Danny Kanell, and comedian Reese Waters, whose last foray into the sports world was a co-host of the Jenn Sterger led train wreck The Daily Line.  Yes, that Daily Line.  The one that was cancelled after less than a year due to "anemic ratings" and widely panned.  To think that ESPN is replicating or resurrecting anything from that show doesn't only blow the mind, it obliterates it.

If you're thinking this is the most random show and random collection of talent you've ever seen… you're probably right.  Danny Kanell is a decent football analyst and was a decent pro and college quarterback.  Never once have I thought, "gee Danny Kanell really missed his true calling as a late night host focused on sports and pop culture and social media."  

ESPN also released a promotional video for the show that features the trio showing up on different ESPN sets, presumably as an act of being edgy, because whoa man these dudes aren't wearing suit jackets!  At least the Steve Levy/Robert Flores cameo is funny…

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